Valerhon grew up in a small remote Colorado town where he spent much of his free time reading ancient history and mythology and writing stories of worlds he dreamed up. Never very serious about art, his perspective changed in the 1990s. when he began writing and illustrating roleplay games. magazine articles and collectible card games such as Aliens Versus Predator. BabyIon 5. Robert Jordan Wheel of Time, Tomb Raider among others.

He became a full time freelancer in 2007 creating digital paintings which have now become his trademark for private patrons. music companies and fitness/fashion models. He has collaborated with a number of well-known respected photographers transforming their works into a hqbrid of realism and the supernatural.

His favorite themes are mythology. religion. and transhumanist ideas. He currently resides in Phoenix. Arizona. in a house whose interior design is a mythic forest. He's a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes.